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At Allegiance Home Lending, our mission is to provide our clients with high-quality mortgage brokerage services, serving them with honesty and integrity. We strive to make the process easier by educating and handholding them each step of the way. We focus on obtaining the lowest rates and closing costs possible by capitalizing on the objectivity and flexibility our multi-lender structure affords.  We specialize in the "NO CLOSING COST LOAN" by utilizing our unique business model.


Allegiance Home Lending, located in Henderson, NV, and servicing the states of Virginia, Georgia, Florida and Nevada, was formed in 2007 by founder and CEO, David Sonson. David attended the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and as a result has the utmost respect and understanding for veterans. After a knee injury meant he had to leave the Air Force, David attended the University of Louisville where he graduated in 1997. After college, David entered the mortgage business where he has stayed for over 17 years. He started in the industry working for large corporate lenders and specialized in wholesale lending - this is where loans are offered to mortgage brokers at lower costs than are offered to the public. Having gained insight into all aspects of the mortgage industry, David decided it was time to venture out on his own, with the goal of providing lower cost loans with high quality customer service to the public. 


For Founder and CEO, David Sonson, honesty and integrity are paramount. The client always comes first and in rare instances where he believes a customer can get a lower rate elsewhere, David has let them know. David maintains that by doing right by his customers, he is doing right by his business.

He understands that buying a new house or refinancing is often a confusing and stressful time for his clients. He believes that one of his team’s roles is to make this time easier for clients and he puts emphasis on spending time educating and hand-holding them through each step of the process. This “customer comes first” climate permeates the culture at Allegiance Home Lending.